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Redi-Rock 挡土墙设计

该模块用于设计和验算榫接石块或混凝土块的挡土墙(Redi-Rock挡土墙),这个模块和 RRWall+ 的软件一样(可以在 Redi-Rock 网站免费获取),但它也完全能和 GEO5 的模块互传数据。


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"Redi-Rock 挡土墙设计" Output Report Sample

GEO5 - Redi-Rock 挡土墙设计

Main Advantages

  • Customizable report structure
  • Report header personalization
  • Add and edit unlimited images from the analysis
  • Pictures automatically update to show results based on current settings

New Features in GEO5 2024

GEO5 2024
  • New Program Laboratory
  • Cloud Connection
  • Hoek-Brown model (FEM)
  • Outputs for LF printers (Stratigraphy)
  • IFC – new user data input

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