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The FEM - Water Flow is used to perform steady state or transient water flow analysis (seepage). Given the material properties and initial conditions at the model boundaries the program computes the evolution and steady state of the pore pressure distribution, degree of saturation in the unsaturated zone, seepage velocities and inflow/outflow through the model. The resulting ground water table can be imported into the standard stress-strain analysis.

Water Flow is an extension module of the FEM program for the analysis of general geotechnical problems.


  • 非饱和区的材料模型:
    • Log 线性模型
    • Van Genuchten 模型
    • Gardner 模型
  • 基于 USCS 分类和岩土稠度的材料参数数据库
  • 边界条件:
    • 不透水边界
    • 透水边界
    • 孔隙水压力边界
    • 流入/流出边界
    • 溢出边界
  • 点渗流边界条件:
    • 流入/流出边界
    • 孔隙水压力边界
  • 能够表示部分渗透界面(接触面)和梁
  • 引入排水优先路径
  • 灵活调整时间步长以进行有效计算
  • 以 DXF, DWG 格式导入和导出几何形状和地下水位线
  • 通过Geo 剪切板在项目之间共享计算的地下水位
  • 清晰地表示孔隙压力分布、流速和地下水位线

More Features




"有限元——渗流模块" Output Report Sample

GEO5 - 样本报告 - 土质边坡稳定分析——渗流分析

Main Advantages

  • Customizable report structure
  • Report header personalization
  • Add and edit unlimited images from the analysis
  • Pictures automatically update to show results based on current settings

New Features in GEO5 2024

GEO5 2024
  • New Program Laboratory
  • Cloud Connection
  • Hoek-Brown model (FEM)
  • Outputs for LF printers (Stratigraphy)
  • IFC – new user data input

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